Emerging Wealth

Alpine Private Capital’s Emerging Wealth group
Alpine Private Capital’s Emerging Wealth group

Whitney is a founding partner at her marketing firm and believes she and her partners will pursue a deal with a private equity firm looking to acquire other marketing firms to build up their business.



This will bring a large cash payout to Whitney. Whitney consumes herself with work, often staying late into the night to continue growing the firm. Because of this, she has little time to think about or prepare for her retirement in 30 years. She believes she still has time to save when things slow down. Whitney is an expert in marketing, but she is not an expert in finance. She knows that she needs to focus more on accumulating and managing her wealth, but does not feel that she has the time or knowledge. Fortunately for Whitney, Alpine Private Capital’s Emerging Wealth group provides investors in the wealth accumulation stage the resources, counsel and tools to help investors just like her better understand their finances and prepare for their future.

APC Emerging Wealth

Financial success is not given, it is earned.


It is also a process that goes beyond the act of accumulating wealth over time; it includes managing that wealth well in the early years so that it accumulates more quickly and in a more appropriately structured manner, properly protecting your assets not only from the vagaries of the market, but also changing tax laws, new estate planning rules, and other realities of the financial system.


Unfortunately, sometimes investors in the earlier phases of accumulating wealth cannot meet the account minimums of sophisticated wealth managers and thus lack access to innovative financial advice. The Advisors at Alpine Private Capital recognize that investors with emerging wealth need counsel while accumulating their wealth not just after they have accumulated their wealth.


With this in mind, Alpine Private Capital’s Emerging Wealth group strives to provide investors in the accumulation stage the opportunity to receive consideration and advice comparable to those who have already accumulated material wealth. Alpine Private Capital wants to help those working towards wealth accumulation by providing investment management and advisory consultation even though a prospective client may not meet current relationship minimums. Our goal is to instill confidence in investors early in the wealth accumulation phase so that they know they are on the right path and are able to attain their goals with the guidance of the advisory team at Alpine Private Capital.



Alpine Private Capital’s Emerging Wealth clients will receive access to a personalized website where they will have the ability to view their entire financial picture in one place. Additionally, they will be able to prepare and monitor a personalized budget and review detailed personal reports created by the Alpine Private Capital advisory team. The benefit of this access allows the client to have a comprehensive view of all components of their balance sheet in one place, while also providing their advisory team the ability to provide in-depth analysis on all segments of their financial picture. With this tool and Alpine Private Capital’s counsel, an investor will have the opportunity to test multiple wealth accumulation scenarios in order to better understand their financial future and plan appropriately.



Not only will each client receive access to the investment strategies offered by Alpine Capital Research, but they will also receive personal consultation on their employer sponsored retirement plans utilizing the Alpine philosophy, market knowledge and decades of collective experience advising investors. Through this process, Alpine Private Capital hopes to help educate Emerging Wealth clients so that they can make investment decisions with confidence as they seek to reach their wealth accumulation and, ultimately, retirement goals.

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