The history and evolution of Alpine Private Capital
Alpine Private Capital's History

Alpine Private Capital’s roots begin with the founding of Alpine Investment Management, LLC in November of 1999. The original Alpine was started by Nick Tompras in response to the great stock market speculation of the late 1990s.

Nick sought to maintain integrity with the investment principles of “value investing” to protect capital from what proved to be the greatest stock market bubble in United States history.


The success of Alpine through the 2008 Financial Crisis and beyond brought institutional attention to the firm’s investment performance record. In 2010, the original Alpine was separated into two segments, Alpine Capital Research (“ACR”) and Alpine Private Capital (“APC”). Alpine Capital Research was established to focus on intermediary and institutional clients. Alpine Private Capital was formed to manage our legacy business of serving high net worth clients.


The Alpine Private Capital team today leads a growing group of talented financial services professionals whose core competency is wealth management. APC partners exclusively with Alpine Capital Research to provide investment management services for Alpine Private Capital clients*. Alpine Private Capital believes that its partnership with Alpine Capital Research provides a special competitive advantage by integrating the core competency of capital protection and investment valuation expertise into its wealth management service.


*a limited number of small accounts use non-Alpine Capital Research exchange traded funds for efficiency purposes.

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